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Design SEO with Readability in Mind

Whether you start with an image that you end up slicing and then adding code to make your web page or you use a wysiwyg, (pronounced wissywig – stands for what you see is what you get) consider naming each image one of your major keyword phrases. What’s meant by that you ask? If you are wanting to optimize your page to rank well for the search term | Design SEO | you should consider the little real estate search engines give you, and take advantage of every angle you can with out over doing it.

Design SEO
Design SEO

This page for example. Every image I used on it I added my search term to the name | Design SEO | . The world to the left here for example if you mouse over it will show my search term, and as you see I have captioned it with my search term in it as well. Aright, maybe I am over doing it already, but I’m not and here’s why. The image will get indexed in a different section of most search engines. In the image section in fact, not in the organic listings of a search engine unless it becomes a featured image.

In order to get this page to rank for my search term I took advantage of everything I could. I have come to love using wordpress as my wysiwyg because it provides the easiest to use tools for everything you want to create on a web site from themes to plugins and widgets. One plugin I find very useful is Yoast SEO. There are many other SEO plugins, You might want to test drive a few to find the one that does what you want the best.

Here is what I did as I started preparing this page to rank well. I put my search term | Design SEO | in my title, in my page name, in the heading of my page, in the globe image name which I named design-seo.png and in the caption of the image. I even included it in the alternate text so when you mouse over the image it will show the search term, and the title of the image in case it shows up some place but the image is not working. I also created a category with the search term and a tag.


It may take a little time, but my goal for this page is to rank for the search term | design SEO |