Learn Web Design

Web Design is an Art

In the look, in the customer usage and in the marketing. There are many parts to consider when designing a website. For example, images speak a million words, however unless you are designing a gallery page or have another reason for needing many images on a page, you will need to keep in mind that not everyone is on high speed Internet yet. Too many images can cause pages to open slowly for those who are on, lets just say, dsl hook ups. The high paced fast food world we live in today has created many impatient people who will not wait for a slow page to open. There are tricks to help speed up image heavy pages and we will go over them in the learning stages of this section.

Other parts to consider

The process usually starts with an idea, which you may already have. Next you will need to find an available domain name that hopefully will have some search engine benefit. If not, then you will need to consider branding the heck out of the name you choose. Examples of domain names that were branded in order to attract visitors are; Google, Yahoo, Facebook just to name a few.

Hosting would be the next logical order. You will need a place for your website to reside. We will go over everything mentioned on this page in detail one step at a time through the courses you will find on this site.

The Good News

The courses you will engage in on this website are going to be full of images as well as videos to help you see what you are reading. These courses should be helpful for both the beginner and the novice. Learning is something we can all share no matter the level you are currently in.