How to Design in SEO

In a perfect world to design seo style will rank you in the top in search engines when done right. The ability to do that goes beyond just optimizing a page. You will fast consider that you have competitors with the same goals in mind constantly jousting for the top positions. After all that is where your money will ultimately come from. Sales is a numbers game. The more Targeted visitors you can get to your site the more sales you will make.

Your beginning strategy should involve building social accounts and getting followers that are interested in your niche. If you are selling baby clothes for instance you will need to research where most new moms hang out on the Internet and focus on what it will take for them to click on a link to come to your website. You wont want to do this until your site is fully developed however. You may risk a potential buyer coming to your site and see that it is incomplete and never return.

Design SEO on your site in a way that funnels in the type of traffic you are looking for. Inbound links do play a big factor. If you want to check out an example, try typing in your competitors full url address in google. Notice how many pages reference the web url you searched. This is a great way to search out how your competitors are ranking high in the search engines. If you can get your url referenced on all the pages their website is referenced your site should start showing in the top for the same search terms provided you optimize your site the same as they have.